UTZ Pork Rinds Chicarrones 12 pack

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Utz Pork Rinds are the perfect alternative to your favorite potato chips – and only under 1g carbs for a whole bag! With flavorful pork rind skin that is light and airy, it’s the perfect low carb alternative you can enjoy guilt free. Great for those following the Keto diet, these scrumptious cracklings are the perfect healthy treat!

Utz Pork Scratchings, a delicious snack that you can enjoy with friends while sharing a meal. These crunchy pork rinds are low in carbs and rich in protein.

Easy snacking can be healthy and low carb with Utz Pork Rinds! With only 5 calories per serving, these classic pork rinds are a miniature version of your favorite fried aesthetic, but without all the greasy mess. It’s an easy way to snack without feeling guilty.


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Welcome to the line of Utz Pork Rinds Chicharrones. This was developed with you, the consumer in mind. Utz has accomplished this by providing a product that is light and airy while also packing in protein. Each serving contains zero carbs as well as 5 grams of protein. That’s high in quality protein; not too high that it will cause digestive disruptions or other adverse health effects. There are 12 individual bags per ctn for your convenience! That’s over a week of snacking potential!

Introducing Utz Pork Rinds, now available in a 12 pack! These pork rinds are light and airy with just the right amount of salt. They’re the fantastic crunchy snack that you love to snack on!

Grab a bag of Utz Pork Rinds, the light and airy treat that is perfect for any low carb diet! Each serving has zero grams of net carbs. Each bag is resealable to keep Utz Pork Rinds crispy, crunchy and fresh every time.

There’s a new high protein, low carb snack in town! Utz Pork Rinds are considered one of those keto-friendly foods that has gathered quite the following. Each crispy and crunchy bite of this pork rinds is a perfect swap for potato chips on your next movie night or sports watching party.

With the only ingredient being pork, Utz Pork Rinds are free from gluten, soy and lactose. They are non-GMO and all natural, with a zero carbs per serving. Enjoy every last bite!

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to go keto — that’s great! What’s not so great is that the foods you enjoy snacking on have got to go, like chips and crackers. However, with Utz Pork Rinds, you can enjoy a crunchy snack without straying from your diet. These pork rinds are low in carbohydrates, but high in protein.

UTZ Pork Scratchings 12 pack

Hit that snacking craving with some Utz Pork Scratchings! Our air-puffed, soft and crunchy pork rinds are keto friendly, low in carbs with high protein content. Shipped to arrive and stay fresh in 12 individual bags.

There’s a reason folks have been baking, frying, simmering and spraying pork belly with salt for centuries. It just tastes DANG good! Thankfully, Utz has made it easy for us to enjoy this classic snack anywhere. With 5 grams of protein and 0 carbs per serving, you can enjoy these airy and perfectly crunchy pork rinds at a cookout or even as a quick appetizer between meals.

After a busy week, you deserve to treat yourself, and why not with Utz Pork Rinds! They’re not your typical pork rinds since they have plenty of protein, the perfect amount of salt, and the crunchy texture you’ve been searching for. Enjoy it sprinkled on salads or sandwiches or by its own. To top it all off, these pork rinds are made with no nitrates!

Pork rinds. They’re deliciously puffy, crunchy and salty AF. But despite their reputation as a keto-friendly snack, most pork rinds are heavy, bland and just not that great. Very few offer the kind of incredible flavor profile we pioneered at Utz and we’re proud to offer a snack that hits it out of the ballpark every time. Low in net carbs, high in protein, fantastic all around!

UTZ Keto Pork Rinds

You’ll love these crunchy pork rinds! The best part of these keto friendly pork rinds is how amazingly light and airy they are. They’re the perfect snack when you want something crunchy, salty and delicious while staying true to your low carb diet.

Going low carb isn’t easy, but there’s one thing you can still eat that doesn’t have any carbs: pork rinds! Utz has been producing these delicious snacks since 1919. Pork rinds are an easy way to snack, and you don’t need any special equipment to enjoy them. In fact, they’re great for all kinds of low carb diets including keto, paleo, Atkins and more.

As Low Calorie as they get! Perfectly crispy and crunchy pork rinds with the perfect amount of salt are a tasty low carb snack you will love. Shipped in individual bags to keep them fresh, grab several bags and keep your chip bowl filled with these delicious pork skins.

Enjoy coming home to your favorite snacks from the comfort of your own home! Our tasty Utz Pork Rinds have the perfect amount of salt sprinkled on top for a snack that is irresistibly low-carb, but always comes full of personality. Eat one by itself or dip it into something you already know will be delicious with them.

Whether it’s for a movie night, enjoying a sporting event, or for that late night craving that’s sure to disrupt your sleep because you just can’t stop eating them – Utz Pork Rinds from the makers of Utz chips is the perfect solution.

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