Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps 1.75oz 6 Count Variety Pack

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Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps 1.75oz 6 Count Variety Pack. Parmcrisps are a deliciously crispy, cheese-based snack that is high in protein and low in carbs. Parmcrisps come in 6 mouthwatering styles: Original Parmesan Crisps, Jalapeno, Sesame, Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar. These cheese crisps are gluten free, keto-friendly, free of artificial coloring and preservatives. Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps are low carb snacks that make a great addition to your healthy lifestyle

ParmCrisps come in a variety of bold flavors and are made without any additives or fillers. ParmCrisps also contain zero net carbs, so they’re perfect for all Keto diets! ParmCrisps are made with 100% real cheese.


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ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps 1.75oz 6 Count Variety Pack. Not only are our Parmesan Cheese Crisps crispy, they are crunchy as well! Our crisps are made using only real cheese and no fillers or starches.

Introducing 6 new flavors of ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps – 100% cheese, gluten free, keto-friendly snacks! These delicious crisps are made with real cheese!

ParmCrisps aren’t just cheese crackers. They’ve cracked the code to bringing you into a new age of snacks. Cheese crisps, minus the boring carbs and sugar. ParmCrisps™ are made from 100% real Parmesan cheese, with all the rich and savory flavor you love, zapped with a dose of keto-friendly spices and seasoning. These original Parmesan crisps still taste like cheese but without the boredom of gluten and carbs!

ParmCrisps are 100% cheese crisp keto-friendly alternative to chips. ParmCrisps use only real cheese and no preservatives or additives. ParmCrisps contain zero carbs, gluten-free, and low in sodium making them a great snack for anyone on the ketogenic diet. ParmCrisps are not just for those on the ketogenic diet. The crispy and flaky cheese crisps are sure to please everyone’s taste buds as a delicious snack, or with your favorite dips. Try ParmCrips with salsa, guacamole, nacho sauce, ranch dressing, hummus or any other dip you prefer! ParmCrisps make a great addition to any party table.

Parmcrisps Variety Pack

The Parmcrisps variety pack is the perfect combination of 6 delicious cheeses that are low in carbs and high in protein. Enjoy them anytime as a snack or for your favorite recipes.

Enjoy a delicious serving of cheese every time you eat ParmCrisps. Made with real cheese, ParmCrisps are the world’s first and only solid cheese snack. They’re gluten free, 100% USDA certified wholesome, zero-carb, and can be enjoyed guilt-free. Crispy just like chips and never greasy, each bag contains 6 single-serving pouches for easy snacking.

The Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps Variety Pack comes with 6 bags of Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps in Original Parmesan, Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar, Jalapeno and Sesame flavors. These gluten free cheese crisps give you an alternative to the usual chips and crackers while on a keto diet. The carbs are only 5g per serving (1.75 OZ). This variety pack makes a great gift for anyone who wants to KETO!

Packaged in a beautiful and nostalgic window box, ParmCrisps are all natural cheese crisps made with real cheese; are ultra crispy, low carb and low fat; and contain no allergens, preservatives or additives. ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps make the perfect Keto snack, 100% cheese on your ketogenic diet. Enjoy a bag of ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps with your favorite glass of wine, or as a topping for broccoli, salads, soups and casseroles. Feed your inner cheese-lover!

Parmcrisps Cheese Crisps are delicious crispy cheese snacks that deliver a blast of cheese flavor. These are perfect for dipping, snacking and topping with your favorite toppings for cheese and crackers at home.

Parmcrisps are the perfect keto snack for cheese lovers and anyone who craves rich, delicious, savory flavors. Our certified food-grade parmesan crisps are made with real parmesan cheese and feature a delicate crunch that makes them the perfect companion to any food or drink. Parmcrisps contain no carbs, sugar or gluten, so they’re great for low carb diets and those with gluten intolerance! Parmcrisps are a great source of protein and calcium as well! Add some to your favorite foods such as coffee (try adding a few to your latte), chili, nachos, soup, salad dressing or dips – the possibilities are endless!

Parmcrisps are all natural cheese crisps that are completely free of preservatives, additives and any artificial ingredients. Each crisp is only made from real cheese, seasoning and vegetable oil, making these chips perfect for those following a low carb diet. Parmcrisps contain no gluten, are kosher certified and have zero carbs and sugars! Eat these pizza-flavored chips on their own or serve them with soups, salads, or main course dishes. They go great with beer! Each serving is only 35 calories. Love Parmcrisps as much as we do? Get your six-pack today!

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