Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Instant Mix Vanilla 8oz

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Newa Nutrition Ice Cream is an indulgent mix of grass-fed whey protein and MCT along with collagen hydrolysate that captures the essence of real ice cream without any sugar or artificial ingredients. Newa Nutrition ice cream is only 3g net carbs, far less than traditional restaurant-style ice creams at 20-50g net carbs per serving.

The name says it all. Healthy ice cream made at home — no ice-cream maker needed — that’s rich, creamy and delicious!Creamy vanilla, or chocolate…ice-cream perfection in both flavors. You read right, delicious chocolate cupcakes you can indulge in –without the guilt. And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s no need for any special ingredients besides pure water and a spoon!


Last updated on October 5, 2022 9:04 am

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Are you looking for a simple way to make your own delicious, sugar free ice cream? Newa Nutrition – the best tasting protein ice cream mix makes it easier than you ever imagined.

Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Mix is the favorite dessert of many households. It’s full of protein and is a great way to enjoy a decadent dessert without any guilt. This is also the preferred choice among many dieting enthusiasts as this is one of the few snacks they can eat while following a low-carb diet.

Looking for an incredibly special gift or want to spoil yourself? Treat yourself to some Newa Nutrition Ice Cream (Healthy) and enjoy a piece of heaven both now and in the future.

Newa Nutrition is a revolutionary instant ice cream mix that contains only natural, high quality ingredients. There are no sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners – just perfect, real ingredients like grass fed collagen peptides and high MCT coconut oil. Newa makes making delicious, homemade low carb ice cream a breeze and its vanilla flavor tastes just like regular ice cream but with half the calories!

Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Mix Keto Ice cream

You spend your days waiting for pay day when you can afford the next acai bowl, but we have a solution for you. Newa Nutrition Ice Cream mix like nothing you’ve ever tasted. And, when it comes to acai bowls that’s saying something. There’s absolutely no time spent on preparation, no added sugar and no need for artificial prepackaged mixes. Just add milk or water and you have a new healthy dessert that is low carb, sugar free and packed with protein. With 14.5g of protein per serving, this is a product like no other on the market right now and, likely it won’t be around very long either.

Contains(1) 8 Oz BPA Free Container of Organic Keto Ice Cream Businesses: Newa Nutrition Instant Chocolate Cupcake Mix. Fat free and guilt free, Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Mix is the perfect way to achieve a healthy lifestyle while satisfying cravings.

Welcome to Newa Nutrition. The first delicious, refreshing and healthy ice cream of the future. We want you to enjoy it the way it was meant to be – natural, healthy, low in fats and sugars. Newa Nutrition is a perfect fit for your Keto diet!

There’s nothing like homemade ice cream. You probably have fond memories of making chocolate ice cream with your parents or grandparents when you were a kid. We used to make Newa Nutrition Ice Cream at home all the time when I was growing up. My parents would make sure we’d get outside during the summer and play with our friends as much as possible, then they’d return home, read a book or magazine while they awaited our return and prepare this healthy dessert recipe. I definitely miss them and their Newa Nutrition Ice Cream recipe when I’ve got dessert on my mind.

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