Lakanto Suntella Sugar Free Chocolate Sunflower Spread 10 oz

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Suntella Sugar-Free Chocolate Spread is a chocolate spread made with sunflower seeds, cocoa butter, and a blend of 100% natural sweeteners that has just enough sugar to make it delicious. Fill your kitchen with this delicious alternative to sugar filled chocolate spreads.

Our sugar-free, gluten-free chocolate spread is like no other product out there. Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, it will also help you reach your nutritional goals. Our smooth and creamy Suntella Chocolate Spread can be used in baking recipes or as a decadent topping on toast or pancakes. Try some of our tasty products today!

Suntella is the perfect alternative to sugar filled chocolate spread such as Nutella. Suntella is rich and creamy, with a light hint of cocoa. Great as a spread on pancakes, toast or waffles! Perfect for that mid-morning sweet craving! Suntella has half the sugar and 50% more protein than Nutella. Suntella is gluten free and a source of fibre. With only 4g of sugar per serving, it’s perfect for those looking to cut down on sugar or stick to a keto friendly diet!


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The Suntella Sugar Free Chocolate Spread is a great substitute to sugary spreads. Suntella’s chocolate spread contains no added sugar, gluten-free and ideal for those who are following ketogenic diets. The sunflower seed butter in the spread gives it the right consistency that spreads nicely on toast or when used as an ingredient in one of your favorite recipes. You will absolutely fall in love with our product once you place your first order. You can order Suntella today by clicking on our link and we promise that you will be pleased with the taste of our delicious chocolate spreads.

Gourmet Chocolate Spread Ditch sugary hazelnut spreads and indulge in our delicious chocolate sunflower creation that we call Suntella Fill your kitchen with this delicious alternative to sugar filled chocolate spreads.

Suntella is a creamy, nut-free and gluten-free chocolate spread that goes great on toast, pancakes and more. Suntella spreads the joy of chocolate while being low in carbs – but high in taste. If you love chocolate, this keto friendly chocolate spread is essential!

Suntella Sunflower Chocolate Spread is the first sugar-free chocolate spread of its kind. Suntella’s silky smooth texture and velvety mouth feel make it a great alternative to sugar-filled spreads. Suntella contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives and has only 3 net carbs per serving. One teaspoon of this spread contains 0.4 grams of carbohydrates, only 23 calories, and no sugar! Unlike other sugar-free chocolate spreads on the market that are made with maltitol syrup or polyols (sugar alcohols), Suntella is sweetened with monk fruit extract making it safe for both diabetics and those following a ketogenic diet. When you eat a treat like chocolate pancakes, people should want to know why they’re so good — not how they taste so great without all of the negative side effects that high carb products tend to have. We call this the SnR effect — or simply put – The Suntella Effect!. In addition to our terrific taste profile, we’ve taken many unique steps throughout the distribution channels that make us stand out:

Why use Suntella Chocolate Spread?

1. It is sugar-free
2. It is gluten-free
3. It is keto-friendly

Who is Suntella Sugar Free Chocolate Spread?

1. People who are on a ketogenic diet
2. People who are diabetic
3. People who want to lose weight
4. People who love chocolate

Suntella Nutrition Facts

Suntella nutrition facts

Suntella nutrition facts


Suntella Chocolate Spread Jar

Suntella is a delicious alternative to sugar filled chocolate spreads. If you’re on a ketogenic diet, diabetic, trying to lose weight, or just want to indulge in some real chocolate but don’t want the extra carbs, then you’ve come to the right place! Our tasty products are made from select ingredients and formulated to be used in all sorts of different ways. So go ahead; fill your kitchen with Suntella today!

Our delicious chocolate spreads won’t leave you feeling guilty. Our Suntella chocolate spread is made from healthy fats, raw cacao and coconut sugar so it tastes great and does your body some good. Keto-ers, diabetics, gluten-free folks and more can all enjoy this guilt free alternative to other unhealthy chocolate spreads out there. We’ve got your breakfast, snack or dessert covered with a bunch of delicious recipes for making the most out of your Suntella spread. So what are you waiting for? Get into our shop today!

Suntella is the next generation of chocolate spreads. Born from a nutty idea, crafted into a tasty reality and made for those who are passionate about health and indulgence. Suntella offers everyone the chance to enjoy guilt free chocolate spread in three delicious flavors containing protein rich sunflower seeds, essential amino acids and fiber. We bring together the best of both worlds providing both the indulgence of chocolate with the health benefits from Suntella’s high quality ingredients.

There’s a way to enjoy your chocolate indulgences without the added guilt — we call it Suntella. Our delicious, creamy spread is made of sunflower butter and cocoa powder, with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s low in sugar with 10g of protein per serving and just 70 calories! Suntella is perfect for spreading on toast, pancakes, waffles, brownies or simply enjoy a spoonful straight from the jar. Because Suntella tastes so good it’s hard to believe it’s good for you!

Suntella is the chocolate spread that you can eat on everything! It’s perfect for spreading on porridge in the morning, delicious drizzled over yogurt at lunch and simply irresistible on toast in the evening. Sold in a glass jar with a screw lid, Suntella is convenient to dip out of and has no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. It uses sunflower oil instead of dairy fats and is sweetened with erythritol, a natural zero calorie sweetener. A delicious alternative to chocolate hazelnut spreads that are typically high in sugar, Suntella is great for anyone who loves chocolate but wants a more nutritious and healthy option.

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