Keto Sweeteners

Keto Sweeteners

Keto sweeteners aren’t something most people even think about when starting a ketogenic diet, but in a few short weeks you might.

There are so many keto sweeteners available I would like to start this post by saying I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or health professional. This post reflects my personal experience and research into the subject. If you are considering doing this diet please consult your physician or do your own research before beginning.

If you follow a ketogenic or low carb diet like me, you know that you will miss your sugar. The good news is there are plenty of sweeteners available to replace sugar; if you choose to use them.


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Lakanto Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener 3lb

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Keto Friendly Sweeteners

Natural keto sweeteners are compatible with the keto diet, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to sugar substitutes. You can’t eat much sugar on the Paleo diet either. Chances are you already know why sugar is bad for your health, but you might be surprised to learn that artificial sweeteners can also make you sick. This is because there are many types of sugar substitutes and most of them don’t seem very natural. Today, synthetic sweeteners are widely approved as safe by the FDA. So you can still enjoy an occasional treat that won’t undermine your weight loss efforts.

Natural keto sweeteners are a great way to keep your diet rich in healthy fats. To see how many calories are contained in any of the 150 + Sweeteners on the Keto Friendly Sweetener page, you can use the Calorie Counter, or better yet sign up for the newsletter. Below you can learn why natural keto sweeteners are good for you, and what their benefits are. The Keto Friendly Sweetener page goes into more detail about sugar substitutes too.

Keto Sugar Replacements

The list below will provide you with an overview of sweeteners that can be used in keto-friendly desserts and drinks. It doesn’t matter if you are on a low carb diet or not, but most of these sweeteners can be used for other recipes and cooking in general.

Below is a list of the best keto sugar replacements, with the lowest amount of net carbohydrates (per 1/4 teaspoon). The sweeteners are listed in order from most keto-friendly to least.

Are you looking for the best keto sugar replacements? Have you had difficulties finding some of the best sweeteners that are perfect for cutting carbs? Why not try some of these cut-out sugar replacements?

Types of Keto Sweeteners

I think we’re all familiar with the popular sweeteners on keto: stevia, monk fruit, erythritol, et cetera. But did you know there are also other types of keto sweeteners out there lurking in the shadows?

There are many different types of keto sweeteners on the market. Some have different health effects, some have natural occurring compounds which are good for you, some are overly processed, although they are all keto sweeteners so they can be used on a ketogenic diet.

In the Keto Diet, cutting out sugar from your diet is a must. So what do you use to sweeten up your coffee, tea and other dishes? Let’s take a look at all the different types of keto sweeteners so you can pick the best one for you.

I know, I know. It can be super confusing trying to figure out what keto sweeteners are the best to use in your Keto Kitchen to make all of your favorite recipes. It’s also super overwhelming trying to navigate through all of them when you are at the store, but have no clue which to pick out. I have compiled a list of my top 5 keto sweeteners so that you can have an easy reference guide for when you are looking for them in the store !

Best Keto Sweeteners

The keto diet is growing in popularity. More and more people want to know where to find keto sweeteners. It makes sense because the keto diet is not only effective but sweeteners are needed for healthy desserts. I did some research to find you the best keto sweeteners to use on your keto diet journey.

Keto sweeteners are a very important part of being on the Ketogenic Diet. They help us get our favorite desserts, morning coffees and teas, sodas, and “sugar free goodies” without adding to many net carbs or calories.

Are you in search of best keto sweeteners? Do you want to reduce the sugar in your coffee or in your kids’ breakfast cereal? With the rising cost of sugar, people are looking for healthy alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth. I’ve tried many alternative sweeteners in my kitchen over the past few years. Some have left me underwhelmed, some have made me…well, not ill but let’s just say they were far from my favorite. But one Family-Owned Low-Glycemic Plant whose seeds are ground into a powder has won my heart.

Best Keto Sweetener for Coffee

There are a number of different Keto sweeteners for coffee that are available. You might even have some in your cupboard already. However, unless you’re aware of the best Keto sweetener for coffee, you are not able to maximise its potential.

I’d like to start of by saying that it is not necessary to use Keto sweeteners for coffee. You can simply add a low sugar maple syrup and use normal creamer to get the same results. However, many of us enjoy our coffee black and don’t want all the added sugar, carbs or calories that come with too much sweetener. If you are ready to give up sugar or substitute it with something low in carbs, here is the best Keto sweetener for coffee.

I like to enjoy a cup of coffee like most people and I prefer unsweetened black coffee. This is how I stay in ketosis and also lose weight easily. I’m always experimenting with different Keto sweeteners for coffee and recently tried erythritol as a sweetener.

Swerve sweetener is made with natural ingredients, contains zero grams of net carbs and has a glycemic index of zero. And this is not all that you need to know about the excellent benefits of swerve sweetener on your coffee.


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