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Keto fiber sources including chia seeds, flax seeds and psyllium husk for any low-carb diet. Keto fiber provides all the fiber you need to stay healthy, loose and track your weight loss goals.

The biggest issue with low carb diets is often not getting enough fiber. So we went on a mission of finding keto and LCHF foods rich in dietary fiber and turned this into Keto fiber supplements.

The Keto Fiber offers a range of high-fiber, low-carbohydrate foods for diabetics, keto dieters and LCHF followers alike.



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Keto Zone® Fiber Powder Berry Flavored 270g

Keto Zone® Fiber Powder Berry Flavored 270g

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Keto fiber whether it is from cauliflower, psyllium husk, pectin or apple fiber is a much needed addition to your low-carbohydrate diet. We at Natural Healthy Concepts have sourced for you, the best keto friendly fiber sources to bulk up your recipes with and add that much needed fiber to your low carbohydrate diet.

Bored of eating all the same foods on your low carb diet? Now you can bulk up your meat dishes, desserts and cereals with our new keto friendly fiber sources. With new products coming soon to offer you even more options for adding bulk to high fat recipes without the added carbs.


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