Keto Biltong

Biltong as Keto Snack

Keto Biltong is a keto snack for biltong lovers. You can say, I love biltong so much, I would eat it every day if I could. But you can’t. But today’s your lucky day because we have created the perfect snack for you.

If you’re Aussie or South African, then you may already know this. If you’re American or English or Canadian, then you might not. Biltong is an Aussie cured meat, made of the most delicious beef. It’s similar to jerky but it has a much better flavor. It’s like steak with all the fat removed. Buy your keto biltong here.

Keto Biltong is a delicious whole food snack for people on high-fat diets. It packs a huge punch of protein and fat for energy, and makes a great low-carb salad topping, or quick protein boost for breakfast or any time you need it. This product can also replace meat in many recipes, and is particularly good at keeping you satisfied when hunger strikes during intermittent fasting.


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Boma Biltong – Grass Fed, Air-Dried Beef Keto Snack 4 oz
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Brooklyn Biltong – Air Dried Grass Fed Beef Snack, South African Beef Jerky 8oz

Keto Friendly Biltong

Keto Friendly Biltong is a great snack for someone on a low-carbohydrate diet. An 8oz bag of this beef jerky contains only 0g of carbs. An average steak has 36g of carbs per kilogram!”

Keto Friendly Biltong is a traditional meat snack that’s been made for centuries in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. You can now enjoy this delicious low carb snack, with just 2.5g net carbs per serving! The flavour may be familiar to you if you’re used to eating jerky. The difference between biltong and most jerky is the shape of the slices. With biltong, they are parallel to each other, rather than being long strips. This shape makes it easy to tear off pieces without taking too much at once.

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