Keto Lager

Keto Lager might be better than your old favourite mid strength beer. With more flavour than traditional light beers and a lower calorie content, these keto lagers make it easy to stay on track with your low carb diet.

Keto Lager – Sugar Free Keto Lager is a new type of lager made for the low carb diet followers. If you prefer the flavour and alcohol content of lagers but are on a strict low carb diet, then this product is for you.

Sugar Free Keto Lager is a type of lager specifically designed for those on a low carb diet.

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Low Carb Lager

Low-carb lager is brewed to be a light tasting beer that has some kick, but with 0 carbs. When you’re following low-carb diets like Atkins, ketogenic diet and gluten-free, you can enjoy the flavour of a beer.

Low Carb Lager has zero carbs, but it doesn’t mean zero flavour! With zero glucose and zero maltose, Keto Lager has 55% fewer carbs than our other ranges.

Ever wanted to enjoy the delicious flavour of a beer without the alcohol? It’s now possible with low carb lager.

Low-carb lager is a delicious beer that’s only 5%ABV and has zero carbs. It tastes just like an ordinary lager, but with that important difference: no carbs at all!

Lowest Carb Lager 2021

Low carb drinking has never been so easy, we have a huge selection of zero and low carb lager beers to suit any diet. If you’re looking for a low carb beer to enjoy after your evening meal, your long work day, or for any occasion – why not choose from our range of zeros and low carb beers? All of these lager beers are suitable to drink on the Atkins Diet, or if drinking low carb is part of your low-carb diet – check out our standard lager and premium lager too.

Low carb lager has been a huge hit for our wholesale customers, and I began testing the idea in late 2015 to see if we could bring a low carb beer into the mainstream UK market. The UK beer market is massive; we’re massive; and yet there wasn’t a single alcoholic beverage on the market that wasn’t an ‘alcoholic beverage.’ I suppose you could argue gin is an alcohol too, but the Gin category itself accounts for only 55% of the market (see here ), while beer is 80%.


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