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Keto Seeds are special seed mixes made to be high fat, low carb and medium protein, ideal for the LCHF keto diet. These keto seeds are perfect for snacking on when you need a snack on the keto diet.

Who doesn’t love to snack on snacks? At Keto Seeds we’re making Keto Snacks happen. We have specialty seed mixes that are high fat and low carb. These are ideal seeds for a ketogenic diet.


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Go Raw Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt 14 oz

Go Raw Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt 14 oz

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Keto seeds are made to be keto, which is great for the keto diet. Keto seeds are fantastic, a seed mix that helps you on your keto diet.

If you’re on a keto diet and looking for additional fats beyond what you get from meat, fish and eggs you can use these commercial ketogenic seed mixes made to be high in fat with low carbs, moderate protein. They’re great for between meals when your fridge is empty or when you need a quick snack. Ketosis just got much easier!

Have a hankering for some delicious seeds but not in the mood for peanut butter or almond butter? Want to keep it keto and low carb? Then try our Keto seeds, which are specially formulated to have a high fat content with a low carb content.

Seeds are fat bombs with a lot of nutrients and healthy fats. I also go over which ones you should choose. These keto seeds are different than the regular seeds you buy at your local grocery store. Keto seeds are:

Keto Seeds are special seeds mixes made to be high fat, low carb, and medium protein. Perfect for snacking on when you’re on the keto diet.

If you’re trying to follow the ketogenic diet but need a little something to snack on, check out our keto seeds! These seed mixes are perfect for snacking when you’re on the keto diet. The seeds of keto seeds include chia and hemp seeds.

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