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Keto Fat Bombs are the ultimate high fat low carb treats to help you boost blood ketones and can also be used as a keto treat. These single serve snacks are packed with flavour and make the perfect go-to snack or dessert when you need.

Keto fat bombs are SUCH a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining a low carb diet as they’re the definition of a perfect keto snack. Make these into keto fat bombs or keto desserts with flavouring and sweeteners.

Keto fat bombs are not only high fat and low carb, but our range of fat bombs also come in mouth-watering flavours such as chocolate, mocha, strawberry and raspberry.

What are Keto Fat Bombs?

“What are Fat Bombs?” – you ask. Well they’re explosively delicious treats that are high in fat, low in carbs which combines perfectly with the ketogenic diet. They also happen to be the perfect pre or post-workout snack which can kick start your body in burning fat faster! Most of them are made with ingredients you already have stocked at home!

Fat bombs are a sweet treat consisting of solid fats in the form of ingredients such as coconut oil, cream cheese, butter, cocoa butter etc. Whether its for your ketogenic diet or you’re just craving something sweet to end your day with to help keep you on track with your diet.

Fat bombs rule! They are one of the best foods to eat on a ketogenic diet and you can make them in so many ways. A fat bomb makes it easy for people to eat more fat and although they taste like a treat, they’re actually very healthy and can help boost your weight loss efforts.


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Fat bombs are a Keto dieters favourite food. They’re packed full of fats, so they’ll keep you fuller for longer and prevent you from giving in to hunger pangs. There’s a huge variety of fat bombs available since keto is so popular. In this article I’m going to share with you my 10 favourites, and hopefully it will inspire you to create your own fat bombs in the future.

Have you heard about fat bombs? They are a sweet and easy way to add healthy fats to your diet. Ketogenic diets (the best way to lose weight fast) involve eating more healthy fats and fewer carbs. But when calories are drastically reduced, it can be difficult to get all the fat you need in your diet. Fat bombs can help fill that void.

Fat bomb are a tasty alternative to other snacks. If you are on a ketogenic or low carb diet then they can come in handy whether it be for energy or simply as an extra fat intake, but if you’re not and just like fat and sweets you can definitely still enjoy these too.

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