Keto Wraps

Keto Wraps are a delicious alternative to wraps made from high quality ingredients perfect for your low carb diet. Keto Wraps are gluten free, keto friendly and are good for bariatric weight loss patients as well.

From keto wraps for chimichangas, to burritos and sandwiches, we have you covered. You can even use Keto Wraps as a shell for delicious keto crab cakes. We challenge you to find a better low-carb bread option than our famous Keto Wraps.

You deserve more than just a low carb diet. You need a high fat low carb diet! That’s why we created Keto Wraps! We’ve taken the wraps you love and made them into something that fits your exact needs.


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NUCO Coconut Wraps – Keto Organic Wraps

NUCO Coconut Wraps – Keto Organic Wraps

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Low Carb Wraps

Keto wraps are a low carb alternative to wraps for burritos, wrapped sandwiches and chimichangas. Not only are they keto friendly, but they’re also gluten free and a great option for anyone on a low carb high fat diet.

If you’re looking for a low carb alternative to wraps, Keto Wraps are the perfect option. Keto Wraps are made with coconut oil, making them ideal for baking and frying! You can use our keto wraps to make burritos, wrapped sandwiches or chimichangas.

If you’re following a low-carb diet, you know that it can be difficult to find tasty keto snacks that fit your nutritional needs. Luckily, Keto Wraps have been specially formulated for people who follow a high-fat low-carb diet. Our wraps are made out of a blend of pea protein and all-natural ingredients. We have three different types of Keto Wraps that you can use for your burritos, wrapped sandwiches, chimichangas or fried foods such as taquitos or egg rolls. Just wrap, roll and enjoy!

LCHF Wraps For Sale

LCHF Wraps are a low carb alternatives to wraps for burritos, wrapped sandwiches and chimichangas. Our keto wraps are made of moderate protein and high fat ingredients as set by the ketogenic diet. The Keto diet has become a popular choice amongst dieters who aim to shed pounds without feeling hungry.

Are you looking for keto wraps for sale? We sell low carb wraps and wraps for burritos in the US. These wraps are ideal for your high fat low carb diet. Now, you might be wondering – who are we, and how long have we been selling delicious, low carb alternatives to tortillas? Well, here’s a little backstory.

Have you been looking for wraps for sale? We sell LCHF wraps because we have found them to be the perfect option for low carb diets. Wraps are tricky, as there’s not a lot of wiggle room for extra carbohydrates with them. We thought it would be nice to offer our customers something that works well with the way they’re living. Enjoy tasty and delicious wraps from our selection.

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