Keto Avocado Oil

Keto Avocado Oil – Ideal for the keto diet, ideal for you. Avocado oil is the perfect fat to have on your foods to increase fat intake on the keto diet, boosting the ketone levels in the body.

Keto Avocado Oil is the perfect fat to have on your foods. Avocado oil has many benefits and has become popularly known as being famous for guacamole and salads in Mexican cuisine, where it is a popular ingredient.

Have you ever heard that it’s hard to get enough fat on the keto diet? There can be up to 80% of your calories coming from fat, so there is a need for the right kind of fat. That’s where the avocado oil comes into play, specifically the Keto Avocado Oil.



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BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil 500 Milliliters

BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil 500 Milliliters

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Low Carb Avocado Oil

Low carb avocado oil is a great way to include more nutrients into your daily intake, plus boost fat levels – something that’s helpful for those who are following eating options like the keto diet . Avocado oil is one of the healthier fat options out there, so it’s no wonder why so many people love it. It works with just about anything you can imagine. While there are a lot of oils out there that promise to help you burn fat and build muscle, avocado oil stands out as one of the best. Take a look at these benefits:

What is avocado oil good for? Like other keto-friendly oils, avocado oil is beneficial to health. It is highly nutritious and contains more than 15 vitamins and minerals. Avocado oil is mainly composed of fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3. It contains a high level of monounsaturated fat that can improve heart health and promote weight loss.

Avocado oil is a delicious and healthy addition to your food for the keto diet ,or any other high fat diet. Avocado Oil is great added to many foods from keto friendly eggs and cauliflower rice, soups and stews, to low carb smoothies . Being low in calories but with a high smoking point means you can have avocado oil added to loads of meals without burning your food or adding too many calories. But there’s another reason that makes it perfect for the keto diet…

Fat on a keto diet, something that most people avoid. But what if there is an actual fat that can be eaten on a keto diet and won’t break your efforts? Sounds to good to be true? There is actually such a thing, it’s called avocado oil.

If you’re on the keto diet, you probably know that fats get all of the spotlight. And it’s true that fats are essential parts of any healthy and functioning organism. But did you know that a lot of the fats in the grocery store aren’t the best choice? Not all fats are created equal! Avocado oil, however, is a great choice for a ketogenic diet since your body actually metabolizes it more like a fat than a protein.


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