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NEWA KETO DESSERTS: desserts, where you will get a lot more useful and healthy – oatmeal, wheat and oat bran. Soft texture for easy chewing, delicate fragrance. And the most important thing – the dessert

NEWA NUTRITION focuses on the principle of a balanced and healthy diet. To do this, our desserts are based on a completer carbohydrate – oatmeal. This gives us the opportunity to ease away from the domination of sugar in modern diets and substitute it with complex carbohydrates that give better satiation. We are also able to gradually diversify our products and develop a line of desserts with different protein content, including several gluten-free options

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Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Instant Mix Vanilla 8oz

Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Instant Mix Vanilla 8oz

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Newa Nutrition Keto Dessert Mixes

We are pleased to introduce you NEWA NUTRITION Keto Desserts: creme brulee or chocolate pudding, which are in all respects an excellent option as a dessert. NEWA Nutrition Desserts are coming out of the oven and ready for you to enjoy. It's time to try our delicious treats without feeling bad about the calories you're going to consume. Our NEWA dessert recipes are based on a complete and high-quality composition rather than fast carbohydrates - sugar wheat flour, which ensures that you will enjoy your desserts without overeating or feeling guilty afterward. Plus, each NEWA dessert recipe is enriched with supportive protein - milk and egg, in order to produce a product that is not only delicious but also healthy. Newa Nutrition carves out a very unique space in the food industry: it has real, high-quality ingredients that are actually good for you. No processed carbohydrate flour or added sugar here. For the first time in your life, you can enjoy desserts and sweets just as much as you did before, you won’t even feel guilty afterwards!  
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