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Good Good have a wide range of keto jelly, keto jams, keto spreads and keto snack bars. Find out how good good keto foods and conserves can help you stick to keto here.

Good Good began with a simple question, what if we could fix the state of wellbeing in our communities by bringing an alternative that tastes great, is convenient and doesn’t require any drastic lifestyle changes?

Keeping a food or recipe journal isn’t just cool — it lets you see what meals help withweight loss or improve gut health. You’ll discover that it’s easy to stick to a keto diet plan filled with wholesome recipes using Good Good Keto Jams, Jelly and Bars. With these bite-sized keto treats, you can stay on track without missing out on the sweet stuff.

When Good Good started making keto-friendly jellies and jams, I didn’t know how to use a canning funnel or how high a jar should be filled with preserves. I couldn’t boil water without scalding my arm hair off. Now, a year and a half later, we’re extremely proud to announce that the Good Good products we make in the small commercial kitchen in our garage are available stateside. In addition to jelly and jam, we now offer oat bars!

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Good Good Strawberry Jam – Keto Jam 12 oz

Good Good Strawberry Jam – Keto Jam 12 oz

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Keto Keto Range of Jams & Keto Spreads

Good Good Keto had three founding partners: Gudmundur Hjaltason and Arnor Orn Hauksson, both former tech guys and childhood friends, as well as a successful Icelandic entrepreneur, Bjarki Thorvardarson. The idea was to create products that were convenient, taste good and offered the benefits of a keto diet in a healthy and natural way. Needless to say, these Icelandic friends (now brothers) not only wanted to create a company based on unadulterated ingredients that promote healthy living, but they wanted their product to taste delicious as well. It took them 2 years of trial and error before finally delivering a raw-vegan dessert that rocks the healthfood world. This is what Good Good stands for: good ingredients, good friends, and good karma. They discovered that people want to eat well but don’t always want to be restrictive, and they wanted to create healthy snacks that tasted amazing. That is how Good Good was born. Being health conscious has never been so convenient or delicious.
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