ChocZero Keto Chocolate

ChocZero designs chocolate that’s FitSnack approved. The kind of chocolate that’s more a superfood than a treat. Think dark chocolate made from ethically sourced cacao, naturally sweetened with one gram net carbs and 100 calories per serving.

Not willing to compromise on taste, ChocZero created a 100% keto friendly chocolate they’re as proud of as they are desperate to eat. With no nuts or sweeteners, this chocolate is ready to indulge in.

It’s your lucky day. You’re in front of the world’s best chocolate. Each and every one of our chocolates is crafted using only premium ingredients, so much so that they can all be considered a guilt-free indulgence, 10g or less of net carbs per piece. From our no sugar added chocolate to cacao nibs to carob chips, you’ll find many ways to please your taste buds with our chocolates.

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ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint

ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint

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Low Carb Chocolate from ChocZero

ChocZero makes sugar free chocolate that is fomulated to be low carb friendly. Our chocolate is gluten-free and paleo approved. There are also no sugar alcohols, meaning your stomach can handle more than just a few slices. At ChocZero, our vision is to make chocolate into a guilt-free treat again. That’s why we make chocolate without sugar alcohols, like maltitol and erythritol. This means you can have more than just a few pieces. But what does this have to do with keto? Going on a Ketogenic diet but missing your sweet treats? It doesn’t have to be that way. With ChocZero you can enjoy your favorite low-carb foods more often. This is because unlike many chocolate makers that use sugar alcohols, ChocZero only uses real ingredients and no fillers like maltitol. Its chocolate also uses stevia, which in turn has been shown to slash cravings and help balance blood sugar levels.
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